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On an emotional rollercoaster with sleep deprivation.
There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters. -- Alice Thomas Ellis

Such is the quote that appeared on Theresa's screen this morning after talking just last night about how Anne is getting along better than Cam after their separation (even though he was the one to call it off).

I'm sure there's still a role for men beyond the sperm donor stage, but there's an element of truth in that quote that makes it particularly cruel. What is love without reciprocity?

I think, though, that my emotional low is largely due to being so tired that I can't take it anymore. I think I shall now go to bed before I develop homicidal tendencies...

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Don't discount the attraction of hamsters, they're cute, and totally fascinating when shoved in a hamster ball. No seriously, they're probably more interesting that quite a lot of things. And they smell better than a whole number of people. :)

Hmm, I'm not sure that I want deep emotional bond with a hamster. (Although I once liked girl who went by the misspelled nickname Hampster...) Still doesn't change the fact that the hamster doesn't reciprocate.

I mentioned that quote of the day to my GLW ... she was angry in denial of it ...

I mentioned roles during the birth of our two children ... she was looking after the child, I was looking after her. The fears during the same period was myself fearing for her life, her fear for the child's life.

She pointed out this was merely transitional ... and reciprocity is indeed what it is all about.

In regard to Anne's over Cam's adjustment, I will merely point out that women (on average) have far superior coping techniques than men (on average), when dealing with emotional distress.

Hope your sleep dep is transitional ...

Ineresting. I'm not sure that the sleep dep has marked any sort of transition; just a temporary heightening of insecurities.

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