Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

More Eastlink woes

Even worse than putting an agreement in a text box: short session timeouts.

"Error Message: Session expired because your allowed time has been exceeded"

It's a long agreement - it takes time to read. There's no good reason for a short session timeout (it's not like I'm signed into an account), so why are you so fucking impatient that I don't have time to read the agreement?

Worse again! Now I have an error and can't proceed. But when I try it in Opera, you tell me:

"iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system or device. Contact your system administrator."

How about I contact your system administrator and ask why you're so ignorant about web standards? Or maybe you use web standards, but are too lazy to test your code? Or is it just that you're scared of the unknown?

Had you not planted the seed of doubt, I could tell Opera to mask as Firefox and I'd probably get through without any trouble.

That is, if I'm fast enough...

EDIT: The woes continue in the comments.
Tags: gripe, rant, web

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