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More Eastlink woes
Even worse than putting an agreement in a text box: short session timeouts.

"Error Message: Session expired because your allowed time has been exceeded"

It's a long agreement - it takes time to read. There's no good reason for a short session timeout (it's not like I'm signed into an account), so why are you so fucking impatient that I don't have time to read the agreement?

Worse again! Now I have an error and can't proceed. But when I try it in Opera, you tell me:

"iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system or device. Contact your system administrator."

How about I contact your system administrator and ask why you're so ignorant about web standards? Or maybe you use web standards, but are too lazy to test your code? Or is it just that you're scared of the unknown?

Had you not planted the seed of doubt, I could tell Opera to mask as Firefox and I'd probably get through without any trouble.

That is, if I'm fast enough...

EDIT: The woes continue in the comments.
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BTW, the sign-up page has no obvious link to the terms and conditions: they pop up when I select an account type. So, if I disable pop-ups, it looks like you're presuming that I either don't care about the terms and conditions, or am happy to go hunting for them myself.

Lastly (for now), if you can manage headings and paragraph breaks in your PDF version, why can't you make the web-based version (in the pop-up) readable?

Is it too late to pursue a career in usability?

Oh my god! The form looks usable enough, but:

1. It offers address validation against the Australia Post database (good), but it's not at all clear how it works. It seems the Validate Address button just formats the address and gives you a second button to click, instead of actually validating.

2. Instructions are provided in "tooltips", which most people won't see, and which don't stay on screen long enough to read all the words.

3. The second button is to Submit the address for verification, which only works if you select the newly formatted address from a list first.

4. Submit is a bad name to use: to continue, should I Submit or click Next?

5. I chose to click Next, at which point I got a message inviting me to submit the address for validation AND taking me to the next screen anyway. So now I know about the validation option, but it's too late to use it.

6. Only enter numbers for the phone number? How about you strip out the spaces for me?

7. It's a mobile number that I usually type in one go. Do you really have to split it into two fields?

I hope my session hasn't timed out again whilst writing this...

Ugh that reminds me of L0L0. When you process an order, the last screen has a really not all that obvious submit button in the bottom corner. But this is after you've already said "submit" to all the details once. So its really easy to think you're all done, and forget to do the final submit.

Took me a week to work out what I'd done wrong.

Did you call two weeks later and ask where your order was, only to be told it was never submitted? :-)

I would have! But luckily, I realised one hadnt gone through when TW pointed it out anyway while on a call about something else. Apparently its really common... which means THEY NEED TO REDESIGN IT!

The next screen went much better. The option to validate the address was shown again. But after validation, no message was displayed to show that it was successful.

The fields and functionality were pretty clear. Although an abbr tag around "LPN" would be nice - not everyone is going to know what it means. (From the context, I guessed Licence Plate Number.)

So, all I get to protect my account is a 4-digit PIN? Probably to tie into SMS functionality (make it easy, etc.), but perhaps the web-site could have different authentication.

Account created. Maybe I should send all this feedback to the developers. Although many tend to get quite defensive of their beloved creations, and don't necessarily learn from the experience...

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