Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Dream: Underwater life. With a bullet in your head...

"People have often wondered what it would be like to live underwater. We decided to find out, taking a group of people below the surface to see how they'd react. The reason this has never been successful before is that in the desire for air, people don't stay down there."

As the vehicle (possibly a car) settles into place, we watch as each of the four participants is shot, most of them in the head.

As I became a little more conscious of what was going on, I reflected on how ineffective it is to shoot people in the head just to keep them under the surface. Surely shooting them in the hand or foot would be enough to keep them down without killing them. After all, a TV show about people living underwater isn't going to rate as well if they're all dead.

Didn't occur to me that it would have been easier to just tie them down. Or to get participants who were more willing and able to stay down there.

Returning to the TV show, we see someone going down to the car to see how it's going. He was promptly shot by one of the participants, who was clearly pissed off that she had been shot in the head. So, suddenly this little reality TV experiment had not only proved that people can live underwater without oxygen, but it had turned into a crime drama...

[Photo by Tarnishedrose. CC-BY-NC-ND licence.]
Tags: dream

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