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Where do you turn? Reflection on an email trail.
Grossly paraphrased, but the essence is correct:

Me: You need reporting access set up for your Australian customer. Who did you ask?
Them: NZ provisioning.
Me: And they told you to speak to Australian provisioning...
Them: Yeah, I keep getting the runaround. But I eventually found someone in NZ who could help unofficially.
Me: I think this is something Australian provisioning can help you with.
Them: Yeah, wouldn't that be nice! Pity I never heard back from them. Is there any way you can help me?

My head is exploding... Yes, you CCd the manager of Australian provisioning, and yes, you didn't hear back. BUT... when both NZ provisioning and I suggest you talk to Australian provisioning, how does it not occur to you to keep pushing the appropriate team to help you?
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