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Microsoft would have you believe it's an operating system. But for me, xp is simply a way of swapping two characters in vi...

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As for XP (uppercase), that essentially does nothing. Which is sometimes how I feel about XP. ;-)

Actually, I don't mind WinXP too much (now that I have set it up as much as possible to be like the older systems). With Microsoft, I don't mind using their operating system for PCs; I just can't stand all their other software, and that includes the bloated stuff built into XP.

xp blows like nothing else blows

xp blows like hoovers suck, my komrade! it is resource hungry, designed to look pretty, is bloated, has all sorts of unnecessary guff that you'll never need built in, has a loathable interface (admittedly you can swap to classic mode, but how long will that last?) and is generally complete and utter SKITE in every way shape and form!

now. i should possibly get me one of these live journal thingys anyway considering everyone else i know has one... - sdc

Re: xp blows like nothing else blows

I read about some software recently that removes a lot of the bloated unwanted crap from XP.

When I say that I like Windows, it's not so much the operating itself that I like - it's a few key traits, plus the software that I run. I much prefer MacOS X as an operating system, but I do like Opera 7 very much, along with some other programs like BreezeBrowser, that seem to have more power and flexibility than similar programs available for MacOS. I also like the ability to Alt-Tab a lot and have windows listed in consecutive order on the taskbar. That's about it, really.

I have to say that if I HAVE to use Windows, then XP is the best version that I have worked with.

That being said, anyone who reads this should know that I am a Mac user by preference. I think that Microsoft have not put out a good OS since DOS 6.1. I think that they have designed to to control what people do, more than to allow them to do what they want to do; and I think that they have been criminally negligent in the way they have treated their customers.

But if my workplace is going to be stupid enough to insist that I use Windows, then XP is the best so far. I don't give a shit about data security, because it is works data, not mine.

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