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Brainless Twats
Childhood memory: Saturday morning's at Nanna's having brain fritters with dead horse, then some banana fritters with some reserved batter.

That was many years ago, and from time to time over the last 6-8 years, I've thought of making some. Finally made a firm decision recently, only to find that I couldn't buy lambs' brains at Safeway.

SMS conversation:
N: Bastards. I'm shattered.
T: Brainless twats?

Since then, I have looked at more supermarkets, several butchers, plus some delis. After yesterday's walk around the Vic Market, I have to conclude that no one's selling brains! What's going on?

Now, in theory, I could ask instead of just look. I mean, if a butcher is chopping up the lamb, surely he could sell me some brains. But I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to siddle up to a man with a cleaver and ask "haven't you got any brains?"...

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I'm not suprised the supermarket doesnt sell brains, or offal much at all really. I imagine there's a lot less market for it than once of a time (people just arent food-prudent any more!).

But markets or butchers surely must sell it or at least be able to source it. I'm sure chefs still regard it quite the delicacy!

I used to think I liked brains as a kid but I realised later it was the white sauce I liked. Dad used to make poached brains coated in white sauce, on toast, for brekky. I recall them having a somewhat floury, odd taste. We also often ate liver - mum called it "lambs fry". I didnt like it much. Too earthy tasting.

Not a fan of other offal much at all, heh. Though I've not tried tounge or heart!

I can imagine I wouldn't be so fond of brains without the fritter batter and tomato sauce.

White sauce was the saving grace for tripe, but I eventully grew to hate tripe for its rubbery texture.

Lamb's fry has to be served with gravy and plenty of bacon. And don't forget to trim off any fatty or stringy bits.

Not a big fan of kidney - too strong a flavour, but a little bit in steak and kidney pie is okay.

Don't know bout ox tongue, but lamb's tongue is good. I offered a tin of it around the office at Netspace, but no one dared. David Elstob said he couldn't bring himself to eat something that's tasting him back...

Hahah, yes I think I'm squicked out by tounge because the thought of cutting into one makes me feel like I'd be cutting my own, and thats just ew.

As an aside, I wonder what ever happened to delstob?

Not sure about delstob. I believe he found work elsewhere, but grew tired of the corporate world and took up consulting. But I haven't heard anything for at least a few years.

Springvale! I don't know abou brains specifically, but I'm sure I've seen a wide range of offal there, in both butcher shops and take away shops. Must visit there, methinks.

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