Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Brainless Twats

Childhood memory: Saturday morning's at Nanna's having brain fritters with dead horse, then some banana fritters with some reserved batter.

That was many years ago, and from time to time over the last 6-8 years, I've thought of making some. Finally made a firm decision recently, only to find that I couldn't buy lambs' brains at Safeway.

SMS conversation:
N: Bastards. I'm shattered.
T: Brainless twats?

Since then, I have looked at more supermarkets, several butchers, plus some delis. After yesterday's walk around the Vic Market, I have to conclude that no one's selling brains! What's going on?

Now, in theory, I could ask instead of just look. I mean, if a butcher is chopping up the lamb, surely he could sell me some brains. But I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to siddle up to a man with a cleaver and ask "haven't you got any brains?"...
Tags: childhood, food

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