Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Throttled. Teletech.

Through a combination of software downloads, video downloads, and automated backups after copying to much to the wrong directory, we've gone over quota for this month. Already.

And there's no provision under AAPT ADSL products to lift throttling or buy more data. Sigh.

On a related note:

Okay, I'll admit that outsourcing tech support is less than ideal. I have no problem with people overseas getting work, or with cultural and accent differences (his English was excellent). But as a customer, it is a bit frustrating dealing with someone who doesn't know much about the company or its services. I called to ask if there was any way to get around the throttled service, and every question was met by canned overly-official responses, plus a wait on silent hold whilst he checked with someone in the know.

On a differently related note:

Show me a study that indicates that customers like voice-activated phone navigation systems (IVR). I've encountered one good implementation: taxi bookings in Sydney, where you respond "yes" to useful questions. But most implementations are very poor and cause more stress than you get from simply pushing numbers on the phone. I wonder what Jakob Nielsen has to say about them...
Tags: corporate, work

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