Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Eastlink Family Ride

Well, that was fun. Although I now side with Theresa on questioning whether the 30km ride could be called a "Fun Ride"...

Sunday was the Eastlink Open Day and we joined thousands of people in cycling along part of the soon-to-be-opened Eastlink. At first, I thought the 30km ride would be a good idea, having enjoyed one of the Great Melbourne Bike Rides at that distance years ago. But with two growing kids in a tralier on the back? Forget it. Fortunately, we could take it in turns, but that last uphill stretch to where we had parked the car was a killer.

Thanks to the man who took the photo below. Other sights: unicyclists, skaters, tandems, and the architecture from a perspective where you can't normally stop to take photos.

We slept well that night, and surprisingly my limbs weren't sore the next day. The tiredness was increased by the rehearsed reading of The Ordinary Princess at Hartwell from 2-8pm. A good afternoon, but challenging after the ride.
Tags: cycling, family, theatre

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