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Laura Marling
Despite having now seen The Herd and Nightwish twice each now, I'm not much of a gig-goer. But with another gig coming up in August, I feel as if I am.

Whilst checking details for The Herd on Friday, I checked Laura Marling's website on a whim, wondering if she'd ever tour here. What timing: she's coming out for Splendour In The Grass and playing in Sydney and Melbourne before hopping straight back to the UK for more gigs.

I take it the Corner is a larger venue than the Northcote Social Club? In any case, the gig has been moved to the Corner Hotel, and I snapped up a ticket. Good thing, too: on RRR this morning, Fee said the show was already sold out... Now just to learn from Friday and a) turn up later, and b) drive there, as it's on a Nightrider-less Wednesday.

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And in yet more strange coincidences for us, I too am going to the Corner hotel, this friday... to see a band called Laura.


I saw "Laura" on the board for the Peninsula Lounge on the weekend, and was wondering about the missing surname.

Hmm, now I have "Tell Laura I Love Her", in full tremolo style, playing in my head...

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