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Microsoft pisses me off again
Microsoft wouldn't dream about making their web pages look bad in Opera - not a chance!

Why, then, does their TechNet site not work properly in Opera? It's not like Opera can't handle it and needs special treatment; it works if I tell Opera to identify itself as MSIE...

Here's what happened. I heard about a Windows security update. According to "What You Should Know About the Windows Security Update for February 2, 2004", the severity is Critical. No mention of the nature of the flaw, so I click "Get more technical details about this update in Security Bulletin MS04-004", only to find that the page doesn't work.

So... to be able to find out about the problems with MSIE, I have to use MSIE, not some more secure browser... That's when I discovered that the hideous practice of discriminating against other browsers through "special" treatment is still going on.

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You have Opera on your new work box?

I have Opera installed at home, along with various other things.
I have MSIE installed at work, along with various other things.

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