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Need a good Mac screenshot app
Any suggestions or a good screenshot app for MacOS?

For most things I do, I've found excellent Mac software, but not screen capture. Requirements:
- Ability to save as PNG, JPEG or GIF.
- Capture a window or an area. I like to be able to get it pixel perfect.

My role model is the excellent freeware app, MWSnap for Windows. Really nice.

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My mac has a program called 'grab' do you have it?

Worst screencapture app ever. Well, maybe nor the worst, but it's too rudimentary, almost as bad as the PrintScreen key on Windows.

Grab is imprecise: you drag over the selection with a thick red border, making it hard to work out what you're going to get in your screenshot. And it saves in TIFF format, not PNG or GIF.

You could always use The GIMP. I'm sure you could write a script for it and assign that to a MacOS keybinding.

Hmm, let's see. [goes of to try it]
Not so good, unfortunately. I can tell it to acquire a screenshot or to let me select a region, but as soon as I start selecting the area I want to capture, X11 loses focus and the Mac app I'm capturing responds. Besides, The GIMP feels a bit like overkill just to get a screenshot.

ianp writes:-

I came across this link, has a few nice options, some free, some not free.


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