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Adobe Photoshop Express mini-review
I'd love to know what the developers of Picnik think of Adobe's new Photoshop Express. It doesn't have the flexibility of Picnik, but the design is excellent. In particular, the way it lines up variants to click on makes it very easy to see what you're going to get when you use tools like white balance, B&W, auto-correct, etc. I also like the way you can deselect changes you've made based on type, rather than having to go back with Undo in linear fashion.

No doubt Adobe will use Photoshop Express as a way to promote its paid applications.

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I dunno, I still prefer Aviary/Pheonix, probably because it allows you to do more advanced edits such as using layers and clone-stamps and stuff. Photoshop Express and Picnik are just too simple for my likings. :P

Aviary is clearly more advanced, but that only makes it better for the people that want the features. If I were a designer with creative ability, I'd be using the Gimp, Photoshop or Aviary and doing wonderful things. For the rest of us, the simplicity of something like Picnik is rather welcome.

On a tangent, an observation: interface makes a big difference. I've started using CpatureOne 4 to process RAW images into JPEGs. I've had software that could read RAW files in the past, but nothing that made it easy to use powerful editing/processing capabilities. So, in the case of photography, a good interface and feature set has in turn made me more capable.

WTF? How did I get logged out of LJ in Opera? That cookie never expires!

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