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Daylight Savings Time: why the extra week?
1. Why must Australian states disagree on DST implementation dates? (No complaint about QLD and NT dissenting - only that WA and TAS each have their own version.)

2. Worse, why would they fucking change the schedule? (Unless they were bringing it into line with each other.)

All these changes are screwing us around...

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why not ?
not like it hurts to keep the daylight hour this way an extra week, and i belive Vic wants to come in line with Tas this year. hence the same date , and the start date i think will be the same.
remeber vic changed its start by 2 weeks a few years back as so not to confused tourists for the commonwealth games

its really only a problem if you dont know how to change your own clocks ;p.

I just think it would be nice for states to be in alignment and set a recurring date that stays constant from year to year (eg. first Sunday of April), such that systems that implement DST can change as required without the need for regular patches with ever changing DST rules.

Obviously, not all clocks change automatically, so I have a reminder set up on my Palm device... but now the reminder comes a week early. Then I had confusion about the correct time, because the system clock on the Palm also changed a week early, as it didn't know about the changes.

Provided I remember to change the time on my camera next Sunday, all should be okay.

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