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Just writing about a couple of dreams before they fade.

In the first, I did my first day of teaching. I sat at the back of a Grade 1 class on a small chair, desparately trying to prepare, while the outgoing teacher starting the class and got ready to introduce me. But was it really a Grade 1 class? It all seemed rather boring and mature, and looking around the room, it appeared we had mature age students.

Later (night/twilight), we had some outdoor activities, where everyone scattered around. When we gathered everyone together, we tried to figure out whether anyone was missing. We couldn't find one boy. Though we couldn't find his body, we quickly found the man and woman who took and killed him.

In a later dream, some friend's daughter was leaving home to attend a mysterious dance school with lots of rules. This was combined with some train travel, possibly to say goodbye to her, but we ended up travelling ourselves, because she went missing and we had to look through the train for her.

Something went awry and the train had to stop in an unscheduled country: Poland. We stepped out into the train station tentatively, wondering what to do. First decision was whether to eat in the restaurant or at a café. Richard and Jenny chose the restaurant and the rest of us went to the café - still missing the girl who was going to dance school.

And when in a strange country, do you walk around while you wait for your train to leave, or do you hover around the terminal, afraid of the language barrier? Having heard a bit of English, I wondered around the Uni campus to see what was the go. Some spoke English and some spoke Polish. Most signs were in English.

A little further along, a strange ball game was being played. The ball must be super light and bouncy, because players would hit it with their hand and it would travel far, then bounce off a neighbouring wall. A few times it zoomed right up near me, bouncing off the wall of the student union building I was examining.

Back at the train terminal, a woman from the mysterious dance school was trying to answer questions about their strict rules - rules like not being able to go home in a particular timeframe, not even for a wedding.

Theresa was taking charge of the question-asking and somehow Google and Thawte came up. So, the zany womand was saying something about green certificates and their relevance to the school. I explained what Extended Validation SSL certificates are about and pointed out that they have nothing at all to do with what we were discussing. Confidence in her and the school at this point? Very low.

[Alarm sounds.]
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