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Lolcat on Flickr
When you log into Flickr (international site that it is), it will tell you something like "Bonjour gemsling", followed by "Now you know how to greet people in Italian!" just so you know what language it's from.

Lots of little known languages pop up, but I wasn't expecting this:

OH HAI gemsling!
Now you know how to greet people in Lolcat!

Oh dear...

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*wipes mouth after throwing up a little*

I'm a bit worried that they tell you that bonjour is Italian though. (Side note: I totally read that at first as Indian, not Italian; perhaps three times before I realised what you'd actually written.)

Whoops. I was just making something up, but being tired, I got my buongiornos and bonjours mixed up...

Hehe. I thought as much - just wanted to be a smart-arse. It's what I do...

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