Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Jesara and Mum

I don't normally notice family likenesses. Theresa has at times said that Jesara looks so much like my Mum. It turns out that clothes make a difference: when Jesara put on her cat costume (black skivvy and leggings), I really noticed the likeness.

As well as reminding me of Mum, she reminds me about her... in a couple of ways. For one, she has been wearing dresses Mum gave her, which are really too small now, but she likes them enough to keep wearing them. And for another, it seems she has Josh's knack of randomly changing the subject. Tonight whilst reading Dear Zoo to me and Josh, she said "I didn't see your Mum much, because she died". Thanks Jess. :-)
Tags: jesara, kids, mum

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