Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Sibling harmony

[I hope I don't jinx it with this post...]

Jesara has been wanting to sleep with Josh for a while and tonight he actually agreed. They're still in his bed, still awake and talking.

Why I'm particularly proud of Josh is that he's "looking after" Jessie. Normally Josh is the one to call out for Mummy and not understand when I explain (several times, patiently) that she's not here. Tonight, Jess burst into tears, because "I forgot to say goodbye to Mummy!" The tears continued after I checked in on them, and I was surprised to hear Josh repeating my advice for her to relax and that Mummy would come in when she gets back. "Yeah, I'm looking after Jessie," he had told me.

Now to see if they fall asleep, continue talking, or tire of each other's company.
Tags: kids

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