November 24th, 2009


UOotD: Poor survey design makes for poor results

One of the questions in a work survey asks:

How important is it to you that your immediate manager talks to your team about:
[list of information areas]

All good and well, but they copied the answers for the radio buttons from a previous question – "how would you rate your immediate manager's communication skills when providing you with information about", so if something is/isn't important to me, which of these do I pick?

Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Poor

Proofread, people!

Password security

Hats off to Moshtix for putting in the effort to make a clean and usable signup process that clearly explains things. Interesting advice on password security, though:

"This allows you access your profile next time you buy tickets. Tip: mum's maiden/pet/child's name are easy to remember."

Perhaps they think people who go to gigs are likely to have a below average brain cell count.

EDIT: They let you store credit card details in your profile, making the advice about choosing an easy password particularly concerning.