July 21st, 2009


What happens when you die?

Sorry for being morbid, but this is a question that has intrigued me ever since I read about that "my last email" service. What happens when you die?

No, not that afterlife guff – I mean, what are you leaving behind and how do you control it in advance?

Are there messages you want people to receive? How do ensure the messages are sent? And prevent them from being discovered prematurely? Should your family get your data? Or should it die when you die? Do you host websites that your friends or colleagues won't be able to access when you're gone?

Every now and then this matter piques my interest and I start thinking that I should attend to the questions above. But I'm too lazy, so it's just as well I'm unlikely to die any time soon.

Do you have any plans in place, or thoughts on what those plans might be?