May 11th, 2009


Museo & Museo Sans

In an unremarkable display of timing (but I'll remark on it anyway), I was thinking today about what a nice font Museo Sans is and was having a look at its older sibling, Museo. I then went to get water and stopped to look at a Melbourne Uni advertising feature - with one of the headings set in Museo.

I actually used Museo Sans for something yesterday, but it was the free 500 weight font, and I think it would have looked better in a lighter weight.

Carnivores: corkage

As much as I'm looking forward to Carnivores at The Meat & Wine Co., I'm not a fan of restaurants with fancy (ie. expensive) wine lists and that are either fully licensed or charge enormous corkage. $30/bottle – hmm... No matter whether we take wine or buy wine there, I think we're screwed.