May 10th, 2009


Photography workflow

For soome time, I have been planning to write up my photography workflow, but never get around to it. Thinking about workflow (and reading about other people's workflows) can help identify problems and room for improvement.

So, while I haven't written it yet, when I stop to think about it, I realise that my workflow's broken. The problem is that I want to process all the photos I take, but don't achieve that, because it takes too much time. My folder structure is geared towards processing everything, but I think I need to work out a way to have:

- A spot for all the RAW files.
- A spot for all the JPEG output (both processed and merely converted)
- Some way to indentify which JPEG images have been processed.

Another option would be have a separate spot for the processed photos, but I'm not sure I like that. It would actually be quite good in some ways, but it's a big shift.

Jesara: Seven Up

A follow-up to my earlier post about printing a book or poster for Jesara's 7th birthday:

After 1 day fiddling in iPhoto, $44 and a 26Mb upload, my order for a softcover Letter-sized 32-page book is now with Apple for processing. They claim 3-4 day turnaround, which is nice, but then I have to wait for it to arrive in Australia, so it might not actually arrive for her birthday.

I've saved a PDF version and will keep notes on the configuration (fonts, theme, etc.) as a reference point for future books. The next few would be:

- Nov/2009: Deborah – 21 Up
- Sep/2011: Joshus – Seven Up
- May/2016: Jesara – 7 Plus Seven

Now I just have to put something online as a landing point for the URL I included on the back cover ( I used my redirection setup to try and make it future proof.

Now just to hope there are now typos or factual errors. Sometimes proof-reading 10 times is still not enough.