May 5th, 2009


Herald Sun Voteline Watch

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As practice, let's start with yesterday's example of journalistic integrity.

"Should two-year-olds be taught about lesbian mums and sperm donors?"

Oh. My. God. Let's exercise our moral outrage, shall we? And yet, the question has little to do with the story. The publishers of "Where Did I Really Come From?" did not advocate that 2 year-olds be taught about sex. They merely explained that the book is suitable for 2-12 year olds, making it appropriate for use when kids have questions and are ready to learn. And the book's not specifically about lesbian mums and sperm donors - it's simply a book about conception that aims to be inclusive, rather than make IVF kids feel bad.

So, naturally, 90% of voters have answered No, making Herald Sun readers sound like homophobic puritans. But that's not the case; even the percentage of Voteline voters who are homophobic or against sex education would not reach 90%.

Have Your Say

Now it's your turn to pit your skills against those of the Herald Sun editors. What yes/no question can you come up with for this non-story about an existing book being re-released?