April 30th, 2009


No, I really did mean the hash of the Ubuntu installer...

Google always seems determined to suggest alternative spellings - even if that suggestion leads nowhere...

  1. Results 1 - 10 of about 263 for c564ae16dffb51a922aef74a07250473
  2. Did you mean: c564ae16fb51a922af74a07250473
  3. Your search - c564ae16fb51a922af74a07250473 - did not match any documents.

Interestingly, if I search for the substrings it changed in the suggestion, it doesn't say anything. For example, searching for "dffb" doesn't result in "Did you mean: fb".


HTML email incompetence

In fact, the whole promotion has been stuffed up.

Step One. Crikey sends ticket promo: free screenings of a new film. The text is on an image. Evidentally Crikey readers don't have any accessibility problems.

Step Two. The image says "click here". But clicking does nothing, like Radioactive Man's goggles. So I check the source: invalid, badly nested HTML made the link fail. Between the link and image, a p and a div were closed.

Step Three. Copy URL and go to it directly. VBScript runtime error.

Step Four. Go directly to the domain name. There are no events available at this time. And the links there don't work, either.

I wonder how much the film promoter is paying Crikey for the privilige of running a dud promotion?

EDIT: The graphic with the text says "Crikey.com" (missing the ".au"), and is hosted on www.footprintfilms.com.au, which has no other content yet. Perhaps the campaign went out prematurely.

EDIT 2: I eventually realised that the email source was quoted-printable, so the session ID = 330, not 3D330. Lo and behold, the link works now...