February 5th, 2009


The urge

I shouldn't listen to Laura Marling when I work at night. I get the urge to sing along, and I do believe I'll be kicked out of the house if I give in to temptation.

Same problem with whistling along to The War Of The Worlds.

Keyboard hate

I absolutely hate these backward and forward keys on this keyboard. They're not particularly useful, but they make it significantly harder to use the arrow keys.

Instead of being able to feel which keys are up/down/left/right based on the little non-key tabs next to Up, I have to look at the keyboard.

I'm also unimpressed by the Fn modifier in the lower left corner where I expect Ctrl to be.

Email disclaimers have gone too far

I have the National Australia Bank. I really do. A one-line email should NOT be this long:

The NAB mail server appended:
Collapse )

It's time for the world to reject legalese CYA disclaimers that are unlikely to be read.

If they really want to include something, here's a shorter version for them to try:

"Email from the NAB is confidential and only for the intended recipient. For more information on our email policy, plus information on unsubscribing from central marketing lists, please visit: http://nab.com.au/emailpolicy/"

Likelihood that someone from the bank will consider this feedback: low.

Likelihood that, even if someone does consider it, a lawyer would allow a change: almost non-existent.

Suggestions on where I can send this: most welcome.

Web fonts

Woo hoo! I was just despairing that there's no support for web fonts a year after Håkon's ALA artcile, when I discovered that Safari added support for @font-face embedding in version 3.1.

Come on Opera, Mozilla, Google and Microsoft: this needs your support!