January 2nd, 2009



Argh. The calendar functionality on the Theatre Australia site is still buggy. And I don't have time right now to write feedback. Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, the audition dates are screwed.

EDIT: Managed to fix dates via Firefox.

Whee! LJ bug fixed! (Hopefully.)

Speaking of not having time to write feedback or bug reports, I never got around to complaining about the buggy behaviour of the Tags field in Opera. But now it appears to be fixed! I'm so happy, as being taken to the start of the line every time I typed a comma was infuriating.

Twelfth Night meets Harry Potter

Thanks to the Frankston Librbary, I now have another film score from a Harry Potter film. (Had Prisoner of Azkaban; now have Chamber of Secrets.)

I must say, it's very good background music for working on things. Only, now I'm going to have the opening bars of the theme in my head all night.

The work in question is an audition notice, amongst other stuff. Auditions are this coming week, so if you know anyone interested in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, please send them to http://hartwellplayers.org.au/Plays/TwelfthNight.

EDIT: Another CD from the library is Bliss N Eso's Flying Colours. As I wrote this post, a track was playing that samples the same bars from the Harry Potter theme.