July 31st, 2008


New mattress!

Despite feeling unwell last night, and thus not getting to sleep till 2am, I feel reasonably refreshed right now, because...

We has new mattress!

Yay! 'Tis super-soft, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. So far, I think it's supporting my body properly. And naturally, it's a huge improvement over sleeping on a bunch of springs vaguely disguided as a mattress.

The trick is to see how well it holds up over the next 10 years. Our three year old $700 mattress was great, until we found ourselves sleeping in a curve...

Degrees of Jane Tyrell

I was talking to Trayce recently about diverse musical tastes, commenting on how I've just been to a gig from hip-hop outfit The Herd, and will soon be going to a Laura Marling gig. Aussie hip-hop vs. indie folk.

Now that I'm checking out the support act for the Laura Marling gig, I see that Jane Tyrell is one of the members of Firekites, and she splits her time between the two bands.

Cue "it's a small music scene, after all..."