July 24th, 2008


QotW: Young Love

"Young love never seems to last;
Far too young, until they have a past.
Playing games, people move so fast;
You don't need eyes to see if someone's got a heart of glass.
One night of love, nothing more, nothing less;
One night of love that left my heart in a mess."

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(Yes, I know the previous QotW was not actually a week ago...)
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    Mystery Jets - Young Love
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Lasagne and Shiraz - a match made in heaven


There are a few, very different, lasagne recipes that I love, and Theresa's is one of the best. Crisp, tasty, cheesy. Yum.


Loving this Barossa Shiraz - Six Gates 2006, "The Majnun". The problem with Get Wines Direct is that you never know why they're selling a wine. It could be a promo, a failed export, or just an outright crap wine. This one was a $10 promo, available elsewhere for $15-20+. On tasting, I liked it enough to buy 2 bottles, but on opening the first bottle, I want more. Oh well, just ned to keep looking out for other specials - apparently "they" say variety is the spice of life...

EDIT - 20080812:
I got lucky and spotted the last dregs of the Six Gates Shiraz in the bargain bin and snapped up four more bottles. Yay!