July 20th, 2008


Freaky Byte Count

So, I uploaded a new version of my document and noticed something that disturbed me:

The new version is exactly the same size! With some relief, I discovered that I hadn't lost all my changes: the content is actually different. Word/Windows appears to save files in 3 KiB increments, but I made quite a lot of change and it generally doesn't take much to burn through the bytes in Word.

Alternative decanter use

Product description of the week.

Today's procrastination has taken me on a tour of a range of wine decanters, including this Zerrutti Techno Decanter from Nicks (sic). Their description:

"Recent visitors to hospitalised friends may recognise the similarity of the design with ‘hospital bed bottles’. A great investment as old age approaches, with an obvious alternative use."

Nice one, Nick.