April 1st, 2008


IMAP woes

I love IMAP. More to the point, I love having access to all my mail from multiple computers.

However, little differnces between implementations can be annoying. When my ISP changed its mail server software, all my folders suddenly became sub-folders of INBOX, which meant that I had to download mail for all the subfolders again.

And now that I've moved from Tiger to Leopard, I find that there are slight differences between versions in the way MacOS Mail handles folders. It complained that I didn't have the INBOX prefix in my prefs as specified by the server. It should have been a simple change, but it then seemed to think that all the folders were different, so it had to go and re-download all my mail.

Downloading 250Mb of data is normally not something that takes hours, but individually requesting each of 4000+ messages takes a lot longer.

And then I have to upload all that email to my backup space on rsync.net - twice, in fact, because I have a separate weekly backup and I'm too lazy to set it up to make use of the files from the daily backup.

Hopefully it will complete by the time I go home. Which is likely, as I have a lot to finish. :-(