March 31st, 2008


Work stress heightens emotion, so kids make me cry.

The kids are colouring.

Josh: Do you think Daddy will like our drawings? [pause]
Josh: Mummy used to stay home.
Jess: She still does. [colouring resumes]

It has been really nice spending some more time with the kids when Theresa has been going to rehearsals. The mummyness seems to be lessening, slightly at least, but not to the point that they don't love seeing her return.

They keep wanting to hear the "strawberry song" - Wild Strawberries by PNAU - and I put on other songs for them to dance to. A few games of Uno. A little mediation of squabbles while they play together. And then a story and bed.

Life is not entirely sucky.

Josh: Now what colours should I use?