February 18th, 2008


Our little Cosette

It took till 9pm to get the kids to bed, largely because there was so much to talk about...
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Young Jesara Cosette

Theresa has been teaching Jesara the part of Young Cosette from Les Misérables and oh my is she loving it. Half the night was spent with Jesara talking about it and asking questions about the story and when she'll get to audition and who the director will be and what her costume will be and whether she'll be scrubbing floors and and and...

We listened to Castle On A Cloud thrice, Mon Prince Est En Chemin twice, plus various other songs. Twice I explained the story of Cosette living with the Thenardiers and Fontine sending Valjean to look after her.

Then she asked again about the boy who died.

You know - the one on the coin...

Oh, you mean Weary Dunlop? He was a man, not a boy. Why did he die? Because he was old, I think. Everyone dies eventually, Jesara! More explanation about war, soldiers, doctors, languages, etc. This unschooling thing seems to be working.

Save for more Les Mis excitement and requests for food from Jesara, bedtime ended with the discovery that Josh was wearing knickers, so taking him to the toilet (successfully) and putting him in bed without trouble. :-)