February 10th, 2008


Sweeney Todd

Just saw Sweeney Todd (Tim Burton's film version). My precis: dark, grotesque, beautiful, tragic.

Loved it. Enough to want the soundtrack, but - surprise, surprise - it's not available on iTunes Plus or equivalent DRM-free music service. Sigh.

Interesting promotional idea: "cut your own trailer". A Flash-based interface where you can drag clips onto a timeline, add other stuff and share your trailer with people. I'm not going to bother, but I'd love to know how effective it is as a word-of-mouth tool.
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Update on kids

Josh has started kindergarten. Successfully. Theresa has written about it.

Jesara is enjoying school. Photos from her first day. She's in a combined Prep/Grade 1 class, which is good, because she's totally ready for learning to read.

She helped me count coins today, and when she found a 50 cent coin with a different design, I told her it was "Weary" Dunlop. Later she asked about him, so I explained about how he was known for his work in POW camps during the war. The astute Jesara then said "did they put him on a coin to remember him?" History lessons already. :-)

Another childhood milestone for Jesara: "when I grow up, I want to be a teacher". Heh.

Meanwhile, both siblings are still (mostly) enjoying each other's company, and have been playing a lot of "Baby School". One plays "Mr Kennards" and the other plays "Tiny Tim Tam Foo". It usually involves Mr Kennards sitting on a chair at the front of the class, and Tiny Tim Tam Foo crawling around and being the student. Until they start bickering, with "I thought I was going to be Tiny Tim Tam Foo" or some such. The role playing is not limited to teacher + student: I hear things like "you be the Mum and the Dad and the brother and the sister, and I'll be..." Cute.