December 9th, 2007


Comfort food (of the music variety)

I tend to prefer new music, and to some extent have gone off radio stations that play old songs or repeat hits claiming that they're new.

Right now, though, I find myself looking for "comfort songs" - music that influenced me in the 1990s.

In particular, I'm going through a bit of a dance phase. Natually, it's a short phase, with only a handful of fairly mainstream songs being on my radar. Right now, Daft Punk's Da Funk is playing and I'm debating whether or not to get more. From Jam & Spoon, there's Right In The Night, which is making me want to hear Follow Me again. And I'm still waiting for eMusic to get Vol. 1 of Commerz by Severed Heads up. (JJJ played Dead Eyes Opened as a flashback recently and I swear it wasn't quite the version I remembered. But I had the single and may be remembering a remix.)

Now if only the labels-that-be would hurry up and start selling their music online before I stumble upon some sort of peer to peer community run by crazy Sweedish anarchists...