November 12th, 2007


The Chaser and Security

Not too long to go till the team from The Chaser face their day in court for their APEC stunt. The ABC/lawyers managed to get the case adjourned till 4/Dec, which I think serves two purposes: it allowed time for the team to finish the season whilst released on bail; and it may allow emotions to calm, so that the case can be assessed on its merits.

When The Chaser drove a limo into a restricted zone, what did it show? If anything, it showed that we were spending too much money on security.

There is no such thing as perfect security. Security is always a trade-off. Security is about taking realistic precautions based on the level of risk, and about efficiently dealing with any security breaches that arise.

Yes, there were high-profile leaders there, but they weren't walking into Pakistan saying "Muslims suck". The most realistic threat was protest. Medium level security was appropriate. They got high level security, and it worked well.

But didn't they fail? After all, satirists staged a fake motorcade!

No. Security was sufficient, because:

- Satirists were more likely than bombs.
- Bombers would have been more likely to do something suspicious and be stopped earlier.
- When the satirists were discovered, authoritities assessed the threat level and responded accordingly, removing them from the scene. A bomb would have been handled differently; more swiftly.

I wonder what the court will have to say.