November 7th, 2007


Jelly cup ruined my childhood memories!

Nick was talking about how good jelly is, and I thought that since I was going shopping, I'd pick up a jelly cup. I have fond memories of jelly cups - I recall them tasting a little different to home made jelly, but in a good way.

How wrong I was.

"Great taste and texture," claims the text on the side of the Aeroplane Jelly cup. Bullshit.

Taste: Not as sweet and flavoursome as I remembered or expected. It should taste like Super Squishy - lime to the max! Nup.

Texture: This is where is all went to hell. It felt like sludge. And the comment on the label makes me think it's intentially like this. Sludge. I was expecting jelly that was perfectly set: not too soft, not too firm. Instead, it appears they have scooped up the left over gloop from one of those kids' shows of years gone by, where the loser got slimed.

I want my childhood back.

PS. I suspect the "Jelly Cups" I remember from the past may have been a different brand. But whatever it was, it ain't there now. Steer clear of Aeroplane Sludge-in-a-cup.