November 4th, 2007



I'm tired, so my NaBloPoMo post for today won't be one requiring significant thought. Rather, here are some tidbits:


Amazon MP3 seems to have picked up music beyond EMI. I just found some stuff that belongs to Universal. Too bad it's still US-only. I think I'd buy most of my music through Amazon MP3 if I could use it.

It's moments like these you need a credit card with a US billing address...


My short film for Tropfest is making progress. Although I'm still waiting for permission to use some photos (I only asked this morning, so I should be patient) and to confirm an actor for one of the roles.

Can't film till mid-Dec, so in theory I have time to prepare. To do:

- Storyboarding
- Location scouting
- Mock up brochure and calendar
- Purchase porn mag and condoms


Hartwell had a big year ahead, with lots of work to do. As of this afternoon's AGM, I'm president, which sorta puts the pressure on. The difference this year - compared to previous years where I've wanted to achieve stuff but haven't - is that Ian, who has taken on the secretary role, has similar goals and we can work together to fix some issues.