November 2nd, 2007


I have books

People seem to think I can read...

My old manager handed me a book (FYI For Your Improvement) on his way out the door. Now my new manager has handed out to his team copies of Good To Great. (Yes, Bob's favourite book.)

I like books. I rarely read them, but I like them. Maybe I should give these a go. Plus the novels and plays that I have on my list.

Biggest problem is finding space on my shelves. (Though maybe now I can ditch all the Business Analysis training stuff to make room...)

The Greens

Well, it is election month, after all. So to meet my NaBloPoMo commitment, I'll write some posts about politics. First, a question:

What's wrong with The Greens?

I've noticed some derision around here when The Greens are mentioned, and I'm interested to know why. If you dislike The Greens, what is it about them that puts you off? Is it just that you support a different party? Or are they too "greeny"? Is it their attitude? Or are there particular policies which seem wrong, or don't add up?

Personally, I'm not a Greens voter. I haven't yet encountered particular policies I've disagreed with, but there are bound to be some. I do find some of their debate a bit sensationalist.

Help me get to know the parties better. What's your take on The Greens?