October 23rd, 2007


Short film idea

Last year. Some good fun was had over the last year or so, entering short films into multiple festivals, including The Shoot Out, 15/15 and Tropfest. Tropfest actually received a few entries from people in our little circle.

Next year. Now there's talk of more. Theresa is preparing to do one (for Tropfest, I think). There has also been talk of doing a "CAMPout": splitting into teams and filming multiple interpretations of a single script. I like that idea, although it's probably more likely that I'll join an existing team than form my own.

An idea! Lastly, an idea for a short film came to me this morning. I must spend some time writing it up. Pity I'm a shit writer... A few people in the Snow White cast make short films as well, which might be helpful if I need extra cast or crew.

Tips for spammers

When sending spam, make sure your random number generator actually returns a number:

"Subject: We have %RRND_DIGIT[2-2] vacancies in your locality, and we want to invite you to become one of these selected few."