October 4th, 2007


Melbourne Fringe Festival

It's bad enough that I have an ever growing mental list of must-see movies that I'll probably never watch. Now it turns out there's a fringe festival going on, and simply through the innocent act of listening to radio, I find myself hearing about "must-see" shows.

Maybe I should make an effort to go see something. Or I could do what I do with movies: let them fade away until they're no longer quite so must-see. Hmm, maybe I could leave PSC early (after a pre-show glass of red) and go see something late. (And then regret it the next morning!)

On a related note, what's currently on the must-see movies list?

December Boys. Absolutely no problem getting Theresa to see it too. Deborah would also want to see it. We just need to figure out if we can get to the cinema and back without the neighbours getting suspicious about Joshua's constant cries of "I want Mummy".

Stardust. I don't know the novel, but half the people on my Friends list have been talking about it. (Like radio, it seems nowhere is safe...) In my defence, I stumbled upon enough word of mouth to get me interested before Neef's post highlighting the presence of Claire Danes...