October 1st, 2007


Touched (up) by Jesus

Seen on a greeting card:
"May your heart be very happy on your first Communion day, and may Jesus love and bless you in a very special way."

Theresa's response, after I sent this via SMS:
"Oh my! There's more to Catholicism than suspected. No wonder it's so popular."

My kingdom for a full 7-8 hour sleep.

Just as I was getting stuck into work for the day (yes, I know it's 5pm), lack of sleep has caught up with me. Damn. Nothing a full night's sleep won't fix, but I've been saying that for several nights.

On a related note, the builders put up a temporary through the office to isolate the renovation area, but then promptly disappeared and there is no sign of any building starting. This means there is a whole section of the office reminiscent of the beloved corner desk at South Melbourne, making sleep a possibility. Or so I thought... On Friday, my body was slipping into hypodrive (I like making up words), so I crawled under a desk during my lunch break. Did I mention it was Friday? Five minutes later, the local indoor soccer team moved into their makeshift soccer field. We'll all get a nasty shock when building actually does happen!
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Definition of annoying

I bought the latest Nightwish album today, after waiting several months for its release. Goof to see that it's available as an MP3 download.

1. Downloaded the .zip file.
2. Double-clicked to expand.
3. Somehow, the 212Mb file got overwritten by 728Kb.

No choice but to download again, so I tried on my work machine: 70% later, the disk ran out of space. Argh!

Fortunately, incomplete downloads don't count towards your 3-download quota. Trying again now.