September 24th, 2007


The War Of The Worlds

On my way home from The War Of The Worlds. Jeff Wayne's live stage version of Jeff Wayne's musical version of H G Wells' novel. (Well, I was on my way home when I started writing. Now it's Monday. Yes, I'm slow. Deal with it.)

Verdict: Excellent. It wasn't as exhilarating as I had set it up in my mind, but it was well worth seeing.

The disappointments

The Prolog. What was that about? Collapse )

The highlights

Geez, I really didn't intend for the preceding section to be so long! The production was excellent, and I don't want you thinking my night was ruined. To the contrary, it was well worth going.

Top singers were Collapse )

All in all, a delightful evening, even with the creative differences between Jeff and me, the tossers who thought they were as a sports match and got up part way through to go buy multiple large plastic cups of drinks, the speakers blocking some of the screen, and the turning in my seat to face the stage.

I bumped into David and Sam after the show. Tens of thousands of people there, and I still managed to bump into a cousin of Theresa. The size of that family is just insane!

Donna's 40th

Summary: Well, I pulled an all-nighter, but it was worth it...

Technically, it wasn't an all-nighter, but I was the last to go to bed, having waited up till Michael's girlfriend came to collect him at 5am Sunday morning.

I love a good Holt party, and this was a good Holt party. Lots of food, Bundy, other drinks, people...

Unlike a smaller party where everyone congregates in the kitchen, there were pockets of activity all over. Video games and cake upstairs, drinkers and disturbing familial contact outside, a make shift dancefloor near the shed, and the bar in the garage. I moved around to mingle, take photos and to rescue my camera from the photo-mad kids, but I think the highlight of the night for me was the makeshift bar.

Becky took on the role of bar-mistress and was doing a fine job of serving people more shots than she was drinking herself. Once the butterscotch schnapps, peppermint schnapps and Irish cream were getting empty, we headed off to Corky's for reinforcements. Galliano (I hadn't had the vanilla one before) and Vodka for Harvey Wallbangers, plus Cointreau and... um, more Bailey's I think.

Becky explained their tradition of building pyramids from used shot glasses. I'll post a photo of the result shortly, plus photos of the required shot-drinking technique.

Theresa did her bit to help (as did her Mum), and helped liven up the dancefloor too. Amazingly, she also managed to get Joshua to sleep, which I had thought impossible to do at a party. Caitlin and Yasmin adopted Jesara, so we didn't have to see to her, other than checking occasionally that all was well.

'Twas good to have James, Julie, Becky, Michelle and Karen in town, plus the local cousins. James took care of the music on his Creative Zen, with a few tunes from my iPod thrown in.

All in all, a great night, followed by patches of sleep on Recovery Sunday, with ample left-over food and the usual religious and philosophical debate.

Now it's time to use the momentum to start planning for Theresa's 40th!