August 29th, 2007


The Greeks: The War

I saw The Greeks: The War on Saturday and it was awesome. And I don't just mean awesome as a synonym for "cool". (Deborah's going through a phase of saying awesome a lot.) I was in awe of the strength of the production and the story itself.

The War is the first of three plays in The Greeks trilogy. It's three acts cover:

- Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter so that the Greek army can go to Troy.
- Ten years later, the spat between Achilles and Agamemnon over a woman.
- Later still, the burning of Troy, after the Greeks infiltrate the city (in their horse made of very heavy wood...).

Written by playwright John Barton and translator Kenneth Cavander, it's a very accessible play. I have a tendency to let my mind wander, but I was able to stick with this, and it didn't feel at all long, despite being about 2.5 hours duration. The delivery was excellent. Greek theatre's not the most naturalistic style, but I found it quite natural anyway, with no jarring passages that just didn't sound right.

It was also nice talking with the director after the show and hearing his thoughts on Greek civilisations and the relevance of the stories to contemporary society. He's very switched on, that man. He was describing to someone another play, in which I had seen him perform, and he talked in depth on what the play was about, without even mentioning what happened in the play. I'd love the ability to analyse like that and get to the heart of a story and its meaning.

If you like drama and want to catch this play, it's on this Thu - Sun at Gasworks, 8pm. Oh, and they have body armour and chainmail. I wants me some of that...