August 3rd, 2007


Driving to work sucks

I have a monthly train ticket expiring tomorrow, but I drove to work.
I drove to work very slowly, with the Monash Freeway grinding to a halt, adding 40-50 mins to my drive.
I drove to work so that I could take photos to Hartwell after work, ready for the play, which opens tonight.

And now I've just handed over the photos to Michael - he came to collect them.


Paper text editor

"I left my charger at work, so my MacBook battery is now low and I'm writing emails on paper. It's not bad actually, except that my already-bad handwriting is getting worse due to lack of practice and my hand is cramping."

Actually, there is another problem with handwritten email: I wrote the emails - and this post - over a week ago, and only now have I got around to sending/posting.

Simple way to promote a healthy music industry

When you see a record label that sells DRM-free music downloads, send them a thank you email. Actual sales speak strongest, but it's nice that they hear the words, too.

Conversely, if a label's not selling DRM-free downloads, don't just leave unsatisfied - tell them what you want.