July 31st, 2007



Does anyone here use Twitter? You'll notice that I don't post much journal-style stuff here these days. Actually, I never really did in the first place, which is why I'm now embracing the character limit of Twitter and trying to use it to keep a record of what I've been doing. I guess that if I ever want to look back over what I've been up to, I'll have to check LJ, Twitter, Google Calendar... and I'll still miss things, because I still keep forgetting to update. :-\


Whilst I don't have enough time today to complete what I need to, I've had a reasonably good day.

It started with running late for my 10am training session. As it turns out, no one turned up anyway, so I wasn't missed. Instead, I only have to run one session.

And I finally spoke to someone about a provisioning order form and the impact of a project I'm on; he was friendly AND there seems to be no major impact.

And I was thanked for last week's training session.

Now, if only the interesting but persistant emails about the Munta project would cease so that I can write a document and a task list and organise WBSEs for people and seek sign-off for my existing documents and look into the FSS issues...