July 20th, 2007


Sleepless Night

This hasn't happened for a while. And while I'm wide awake now, I expect I'll be below par later when I'm at work. At least I won't be the only one - Deborah starts work at 7am.

I woke about 1:20 to the sound of Deborah leaving, then couldn't get back to sleep. I think hunger was the problem, so I got up to eat, digest, read... No sleepyness returning... I've since watched another chapter of CSS for Designers, failed to fix my video library after upgrading from Democracy Player to Miro, and ineffectually reviewed my notes for a project I'm on. Still no sign of sleep. I guess reading at the computer is not a good sleep tactic, and in future I should read in bed.

Deborah returned around 2:30 and went to bed. I figured I should follow suit, so I dragged myself to bed, but no go: it was like my body believed it had to stay awake and was working off nervous energy.

I'm up again now, but only long enough to digest some warm milk. Time to look for the herbal relaxant tablets that a few people have been praising...

Colin, James, Shiraz Tempranillo, Potter.

OMG, my brother sounds like our uncle. Definite Shaw blood coming through. What's more, he looks like him too.

James and his girlfriend came over for dinner and we had a lovely night. Theresa made a spicy green curry that was somehow not too spicy, plus a great chocolate & raspberry pudding/cake. Yum.

I like this wine, but I've had more than my customary half-bottle, hence any typos you see in this post... I'm hoping it puts me to sleep so I can catch up, after last night.

Agenda for tomorrow: breakfast, asking Theresa how the book launch went, lunch, reading spoilers online. And maybe sorting out bookings for Hartwell.

PS. I don't normally read spoilers, but I have to find out vs Qhzoyrqber'f nyvir be qrnq to be able to read in comfort.

PPS. I think I need to leave Adium open more often, because Shane's been changing Theresa's MSN settings, which means she's now using Adium, which means I'm no longer the only person I know using Jabber, which means I might be able to talk to her about inconsequential things from the other side of the room.