July 12th, 2007


Do you love Frankston? Say it proud, brother!

A boy on the train is wearing a black t-shirt with " I Frankston " on the front. It's an interesting choice for a fashion-conscious kid. Even I find it funny that someone dared to make such a t-shirt.

Actually, that's not the only odd thing: he's a talker. He's chatting to the man in front of me, who's really me interested in reading his copy of mX. Chatting about seeing a guy who passed out in Frankston, and about walking home in the dark.

Addendum: I didn't talk to the kid, because a) I don't initiate conversation in publich, and b) the man sitting between us became his target. But I would've been interested to find out if walking home in the darkness bothers him (he mentioned it a couple of times), or whether it was just a conversation topic (perhaps one to generate a "you're allowed out at night?" reaction).

I lost my chance by getting out at the wrong station. I parked at Carrum yesterday, so i got out there... Then realised that today I parked at Seaford. So back I went to wait ten minutes for the next train...