July 5th, 2007


Banner-ad and Signature blindness

Just as people have "banner-ad blindness", people don't read email signatures - we just scan for the content instead, which is usually above the signature.

Someone just replied to me, but all I could see was his signature. As I proceeded to ask if he actually had something to say, I noticed the "Thanks for this I am on to it." at the bottom - immediately after his 12 line signature.

Indirect spam victim

Man, I hate it when spammers use your email address in the From header of a large batch of spam. In this case, it's a made up address at my father's domain, but it still hurts. fetchmail is currently retrieving 393 messages (bounces); normally I'd receive under a dozen a day.

We don't need no stinking strategy

How am I supposed to write a concept paper that explains why we should build a particular product if I don't think it's a product we should be building?

I'm currently stuck on the Alignment to Strategic Drivers section, and as far as I can tell, this concept flies in the face of our current strategy, which is to simplify and consolidate, not bend over backwards for every customer. As I said in a meeting yesterday, we need to get better at turning customers away, saying "it's not you, it's us"...