May 30th, 2007


Poor web design: audio

Poor design:

1. Web page automatically plays music.
2. I click a link that loads a popup.
3. Different music starts playing in the popup, but the orginal music is still playing.
4. I have to return to the first page to find a pause/mute button, then close the page when I can't find one.


Outlaw automatic email disclaimers

The practice of automatically appending CYA legal disclaimers to all outbound email should be outlawed. And I do mean that literally.

Email disclaimers add nothing to a message. And with people building long email trails via top posting, and each company having its own disclaimer, you end up with emails full of duplicate disclaimers. Thus, email disclaimers actually reduce the value of the message.

Today I received the perfect illustration of this problem: more than a full screen packed with legal disclaimers, one after the other:

Collapse )

Jeff Wayne's concert version of Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds

Now this, I've got to see.

Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds.
Live in concert.
Conducted by Jeff Wayne.
With Richard Burton appearing from the grave.
A couple of the original singers also return, and the band and orchestra are accompanied by some impressive visuals.

Sounds like it would be great to hear and to see, even if Richard Burton's head is a little eerie...
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