May 20th, 2007


General update: from MoV to R+J

I've been avoiding posting, because I've been putting off posting about The Merchant of Venice finishing, and I wanted to post in chronological order. Hopefully I'll get to the MoV post soon. In the meantime:

o The week immediately following the play was fantastic. I felt like I was falling in love all over again. :-)

o Friday afternoon was devoted to helping with the BBQ at work. We overcatered, and I happily took some meat home to ensure it was not going to waste.

o Sunday everyone except me went to Traralgon for Mother's Day. I was going to meet Ian in the city, but his rental car had been broken into, so he had to sort that out. Gave me a little time to do stuff, but wasn't a super-productive day.

o James sent me a message about toilets on Mother's Day, which made my day. Must add it to my SMS archive. (It bugs me that I can't automatically save SMSs.)

o Last night (Fri 18/May) I met Theresa, Mace and Lindy at the James Squire Brewhouse for dinner. Quite nice, especially Theresa's ribs (well, pork ribs - not hers) and the chocolate dessert that was like a combination between mousse, fudge and cake.

o Today was Jesara's birthday party. I don't think I've ever seen so much pink! Jessie scored loot, kids scored lollies and there were only a few tantrums. Happy 5th birthday Jess. :-)

o Tonight, Deborah went to Sarah's 20th, complaining "my Sarah can't be twenty!" (she was 9 when they met), and Theresa worked on a CAMPish trailer in the wake of Neighbours' departure from the BBC. I decided to finally watch Baz Luhrmann's R+J, having bought it a couple months ago. I love the film and I'm a big fan of cutting and updating Shakespeare. But it made me regret not cutting more out of MoV. Quite disappointed to see that the disc is damaged, though. A couple of small sections have to be skipped.

o Tomorrow (today, really) is a Rotary "Family Day" at the Diamond Valley Railway. But maybe I should post about that -after- the event. Right now, I should make a few more notes for my video blog story and go to bed.


Question: age of a video blogger

I'm working on an Internet TV show (drama) in a vlog format. Well, when I say "working on it", I mean "toying with the idea before realising that I have no writing skills and giving up".

So far, the protagonist/blogger is a woman with a school-aged son. I guess that would put her in her mid-thirties. Question: Is it possible to create a successful show with someone this age, or do I need to jettison the boy and make the woman younger?

I guess what I'm wondering is how much of Lonelygirl15's success is due to the story and how much is due to the fact that the actors are in their late teens, living lives that much of the YouTube generation can relate to...