February 26th, 2007


Buzzword of the month: bespoke

Buzzword of the month at AAPT is "bespoke". It's an adjective I've rarely heard at all, let alone in a work environment, but suddenly it's popping up everywhere.

Rather than referring to clothing as it often does, here we have "bespoke solutions". As in "Hyperbaric is focusing on the mass market right now, but we're starting to look at how to manage the more bespoke solutions that our high-end customers need".

It's a buzzword because it's spreading around the company, yet it adds no value. It would be much clearer to talk about "custom solutions". Or, for variety, there's "tailored solutions". Hmm, "tailored" brings back the clothing reference; I wonder if that's how someone ended up trying on "bespoke".

Feel free to add your own buzzword observations. And stay tuned for next month's buzzword. I wonder what it will be.